Third Party Peer Review Service

Onsite Field Consulting (QA Inspections): Our Consultant will perform Onsite Field Consulting based upon
the construction schedule and "high risk" components being installed.  During each site visit our Consultant
will verify the project's specifications including, but not limited to, plan details, manufacturer specifications,
local building codes and industry standards.  Our Consultant will photo document the progress of the project
during each onsite observation performed. 

Architectural Peer Plan Review: Our Consultant will review the architectural plans to help verify that the
details and specifications meet current codes, manufacturer requirements, and industry standards.  We will
also review the details to help verify that they do not include "designed defects" within them.

Property Condition Assessment: The purpose of the Property Condition Assessment is to observe and
indentify obvious deficiencies in the building systems which could significantly impact the value of the
property and to determine if any conditions exist which can have a negative impact on the cost to operate
and maintain the project.  These reports are based on ASTM E2018.

Project Condition Report: The Project Condition Report will document the current condition of the property.
The report will outline current systems installed, percent of completion of the current systems and will also
note any items identified that require additional attention by the appropriate trades' person.

Hourly Consulting Services: Our Consultants will be available for all your construction consulting needs at your
pace. Whether you need us to sit in on a value engineering meeting or consult with your municipality, we will be
there each step of the way.

Field Gap Analysis:  The DSS Field Gap Analysis (FGA) was developed to help verify that the designed aspects
of the project and that the management expectations are being implemented onsite.  The FGA is designed to:

1) Identify high risk issues in the field, 2) determine a likely root cause, and 3) create a solution for the
 indentified high risk issues. 

With over 40 years of combined experience in the building industry, the staff at DSS draws on an unparalleled
knowledge base gained from working with the insurance industry and all segments of the construction

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Dean...This is the most efficient third party OCIP administrator I have ever worked with... they also have services available out your way... so check 'em out... Insurance Agent
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