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The Industry

The continuing growth of construction defect claims and complex multi-party litigation involving alleged-defective or dangerous conditions within structures across the country over the last decade can be traced to a number of factors. First, there has been an increase in consumer expectations in every single detail of construction. From the foundation slab to the roof, including installed products and items under warranty through their manufacturers, home buyers have sought to make the general contractor the guarantor of the perfection of each of these items. Further, there has been an increase in the average home buyer’s awareness of construction defect claims, thanks to several high-profile and highly publicized court battles over construction defects and mold allegations.

In addition to escalating consumer demands, plaintiffs' lawyers appear to be willing to assert construction defect claims. Their ability to attract new homeowners to represent and their knowledge of construction law have deepened.

Builders and insurance companies’ interests are necessarily more connected than ever before. While, by its nature, the underwriting of construction projects is a risky venture, insurance is necessary to make housing affordable and assist contractors in responding to and, where applicable, defending against claims of defects by homeowners.

Risk Review

Where required by the insurer or requested by the Client, DSS will perform services necessary to conduct a review of the Client's risk management practices and documents. 

DSS will also visit the jobsite of the Wrap-Up Program Project during the construction period in order to review the safety and risk management practices.

DSS will provide the Client and the Wrap Program insurer with written reports of the findings from the risk management review during the office and jobsite surveys along with recommendations from the survey findings, and guidelines to implement those recommendations. 


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