Services - Wrap Up Administration

DSS meets the insurance carrier requirements and ensures accurate set up of each Wrap Up Program by providing the following services: 

Education:  DSS provides an orientation which provides the construction team with a comprehensive understanding of their Wrap Up Program.  This interactive tool will ensure the construction team thoroughly understands the Wrap Up policy. 

Customized Documents:  The Owner/Sponsor, General Contractor and Trade Partners are supplied with a customized OCIP Manual which details the program and provides claim reporting procedures along with an excellent outline of safety requirements.  As with other components of large insurance programs, the method of handling the insurance bid credits under an OCIP should be individually designed to meet the needs and achieve the objectives of the owner or general contractor.  Because DSS understands the construction industry and how Trade Partners submit their bids, DSS has the expertise and know-how to set up the OCIP program in order to obtain accurate bid credits from Trade Partners.  After determining which method should be used, DSS customizes the bid documents to fit the Owner/Sponsor's or General Contractor's program. 

Modification of Contracts:  DSS provides OCIP addendums for contract and subcontract documents.  DSS legal counsel not only customizes the OCIP Addendum to match all contractual agreements but also ensures the builder is not adversely impacted. 

DSS assists the client in determining whether to allocate or transfer deductible or self-insured retentions to the Trade Partners and if necessary, provides the appropriate contractual wording. 

Enrollment of Trade Partners:  DSS coordinates the enrollment process with the OCIP carrier and broker providing all Trade Partners with a Certificate of Enrollment.  DSS requires that all Trade Partners who elect to "opt out" of the OCIP Program provide the Owner/Sponsor and General Contractor with insurance documentation which certifies coverage under their own commercial general liability policy when performing work on an OCIP project. 

Participants: DSS will determine who is included and excluded from the OCIP policy.  DSS maintains a comprehensive record of each Trade Contractor (including contact information and type of trade) on behalf of the builder for a period of 13 years.  Because carriers prefer a centralized location for claim information to determine the specifics of the wrap-up project, DSS provides a project close out manual to the Owner/Sponsor, General Contractor and the OCIP insurance carrier upon completion of the construction project.  The project manual ensures all records are complete in the event of a claim.

On-Going Support Services:  DSS remains on-call after completion of the construction for troubleshooting and to answer any questions pertaining to the OCIP.  Our specialization and expertise in OCIP Administration allows us the time and resources to provide excellent customer service to each and every client.   



Dean...This is the most efficient third party OCIP administrator I have ever worked with... they also have services available out your way... so check 'em out... Insurance Agent
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