President and Founder, Dorna Brown                                                           Dorna Brown

      Since the inception of OCIPs/residential wrap-up programs, Dorna Brown has helped to introduce them to the marketplace and has tirelessly worked to educate the industry on their benefits. She has extensive experience in facilitating wrap-up programs and has handled from small to very large accounts in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Idaho and Hawaii. She has facilitated wrap-up programs for companies such as Centex, KB Home, Trimark Pacific, and Pulte as well as many smaller developers in the previously mentioned states.

     While working with both commercial and residential developers, Brown has successfully negotiated  for  the  best  insurance  policies, acted as a risk manager, supervised  a warranty services department and negotiated competitive lease  packages with major corporations for Braemar Homes. She also handled every aspect of the organizations’ insurance needs for over 13 years.

While serving as Vice President of Direct Services for DBH Resources, Inc. (DBHR), she set up the procedures and most of the infrastructure for administrating its residential wrap-up programs.  She  also trained  its personnel  in wrap-up  administration  and  updated the infrastructure in an effort to improve the department after monitoring its  performance.

Under Brown’s direction, DBHR also produced user-friendly products such as guidebooks for  certificate  of insurance  training, and safety and risk management  training. Brown instituted a  Risk Assessment and Management program where  she performed various risk assessments on major as well as smaller developers and provided them with easy-to-implement solutions to minimize their exposure to loss. She also developed training programs  for   Attached  Housing  Exclusions,  Self-Insured   Retention  (SIR)   Claims Management and Homeowner Customer Service.

While at DBHR, Brown traveled throughout California providing educational seminars to developers regarding the new SB800 Legislation that became effective on January 1, 2003.

Brown takes great pride in educating developers, contractors and subcontractors about the benefits as well challenges of wrap-up insurance policies. "Because I’ve been working with the industry for so many years, I have a good understanding of their business needs," says Brown. "In general, most companies would rather build their projects than think about insurance. But at DSS, we walk them through it by providing a safe learning environment through listening, answering all questions and treating clients as equals. In the end, we get them to understand the great benefits."

In addition to her extensive practical experience, Brown is a graduate of Georgetown University’s designation program in Associate Real Estate Management, and she holds a designation in Property Management and Retail Leasing through the International Council of Shopping Centers.

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Vice President, Charlie Bates

      Brings over 20 years of construction experience and 14 years of  construction consulting services experience to DSS.  Charlie has the strengths and the ability to apply thoughtful solutions and innovative approaches to complex construction problems.  He continually strives to exceed expectations and provides a superior level of execution.  His knowledge of residential and commercial construction methods, equipment, schedules, contracts, specifications and trades, combined with dependability and dedication will enable DSS to provide the best possible Third Party Peer Review services to their clients. 


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Plans Examiner, John James

     John brings DSS over 15 years of construction experience.  He carries multiple Nationally Recognized Certifications, including Master Code Professional and DSA Certified Access Specialist (CASp).  John has worked in many levels of the construction industry- Field Representative, Risk Assessment Department, Quality Assurance Department, Construction Consultant, Plans Examiner, as well as the Chief Building Official for the City of Galt.  John’s experience includes Commercial and Residential construction, Capital Improvement Public Works projects, City Wide ADA Transition Plans,  and Historic Unreinforced Masonry Seismic Retrofits.  With John’s wealth of knowledge and experience, he is a great asset to the DSS team and strives to provide every client with the best possible service. 





Plans Examiner, Curtis Kind 

     Curtis is a certified professional with over 35 years experience in design and construction. Educated in architecture and structural engineering, he’s designed, drafted, examined and inspected thousands of projects of every type and size imaginable. His extensive career has included single family, multi-family, schools, medical facilities, retail, mixed use, office, industrial, wineries, bridges and other unusual structures. Curtis uses the sum of his knowledge to focus on the important task of Plans Examination, preemptively ensuring the integrity of the development and protection of the owner and design team.





Project Coordinator

Third Party Peer Review, Melinda Perrin

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 ICC Certified Builder Risk Engineer, Daniel Barerra

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ICC Certified Builder Risk Engineer, Jason Boggs

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ICC Certified Builder Risk Engineer, Brian Boone

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ICC Certified Builder Risk Engineer, Rob Carling

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ICC Certified Builder Risk Engineer, Keith Groves

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ICC Certified Builder Risk Engineer, Bill C. Holmes, Jr.

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ICC Certified Builder Risk Engineer, Bryan Honeycutt

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ICC Certified Builder Risk Engineer, Ashley Mooris

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 ICC Certified Builder Risk Engineer, Daryl Schoenherr

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Director Of Loss Control, Danielle James 

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Administration Coordinator, Nicole Nguyen

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Senior Administrator, Annie Highley                                         

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Administrator, Sandi Brusie

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Administration Assistant, Kristin Wittenberg     

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Administration Assistant, Amber Jimenez    

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Report Coordinator, Beverly Kahlenberg     

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