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     Development Solutions & Services was founded on a simple concept: To create a value added service for the real estate development community that will recognize and understand their particular needs in order to custom tailor a suite of cost effective measures designed to mitigate multiple forms of liability.

      In 2004, Ms. Dorna Brown incorporated Development Solutions & Services. She surveyed the industry and her research indicated a lack of quality, dependable, responsive, consistent and integrated services. Based on this data, she created a blueprint with a single objective: To gather, provide and administer an exclusive selection of only the very best solutions and services tailored specifically to meet the needs of each individual client and deliver it with impeccable customer service, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

     Until the formation of DSS, no one entity existed to service the full range of construction industry needs. With solutions and services such as OCIP Wrap-Up Administration, Third Party Peer Review, and Risk Assessment under one roof, it would be possible to address all questions and alleviate all concerns with a single call.

      Brown recruited the best in the business; intelligent, experienced, energetic and well educated men and women to produce maximum impact and propel the company into the future. Upon its launch, DSS immediately raised the bar. Brown’s vision to offer a superior line of services designed to provide each client with a unique array of solutions set a new standard of service in the industry. The efficiency of this integrated solution had proven to be of great value to clients, saving both time and money.

     As the name indicates, solutions and services are key elements of the business and this, being the principal work produced by DSS, meant that it must be of the highest quality and the administration flawless. Decades of experience inside the construction industry educating, developing, facilitating and administering wrap-up programs and risk assessment allowed Brown to expand her reach to include Third Party Peer Review, consisting of both Architectural Peer Plan Review and all phases of On-Site Inspections. This would complete the circle of liability mitigation

     Today, DSS improves upon the original formula by continually developing new methods and incorporating new, innovative ideas into the business model. While technology plays an important role in the processing and delivery of services and communications, the vital importance of personal interaction is never underestimated. Outstanding customer service is the hallmark of DSS and its reputation for honesty and integrity is unrivaled in the industry.

      DSS was founded on a commitment to excellence; to serve and protect the owner, builder and design team by delivering the highest quality service in the industry.

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Dean...This is the most efficient third party OCIP administrator I have ever worked with... they also have services available out your way... so check 'em out... Insurance Agent
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